Our genesis:

Why SubconsciousKaizen?

  1. Subconscious: means below the conscious. We believe that if we want to implement significant changes in our minds we need to work at the deepest level. The level (conscious mind) that is acting, on many occasions, as a limitation rather than being the source of endless potential we all want it to be.
  2. Kaizen: is a Japanese business management philosophy, which defends that small but constant improvement leads to very significant gains. 

In SubconsciousKaizen we believe changing our minds at the deepest level will turn into a shift in our identities, revealing all of our full potentials. This, as any other big changes, requires a personal commitment of small but constant forward moves in the direction we want to walk to. 

our purpose

Our Purpose:

SubconsciousKaizen is a community built to help women achieve their inevitable success. Often success is associated with a set number of hard skills. In SubconsciousKaizen we believe there is a strong correlation between our mind and how we train it, and our success achieving the objectives we set for ourselves. Our experts divide the content in four blogs: 

  1. Who we are
  2. Who we aspire to become
  3. How to go from who we are to who we want to become
  4. And the good habits we need to keep in order to stay in our new identity

In SubconsciousKaizen we keep an open mind mentality as one of our core values. This is very present in our approach to help empowering women success by introducing spirituality as an element that can help enhance performance. At the end of the day we are all part of something much bigger than ourselves so let’s try to understand its laws and how they can help us be who we desire!!!

our vision

Our vision:

Our vision is to become the leading space for women in which they will find tools to sharpen their minds so they can achieve their personal goals regardless of their nature.

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